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What do I need to bring when I file my taxes?

When filing your return, be sure to bring all your receipts and information slips.

In order to save yourself (and the CRA) time and to prevent yourself from incurring any penalties, it is very important to bring all necessary documentation with you when filing your tax return.

This includes all information slips that have been mailed to you as well as receipts that you plan on using for a tax rebate (medical expenses, donations, etc).

If you have mutual funds not in an RRSP, it is recommended that you wait until a week into April to file. This is because T3 slips do not have to be mailed until the end up March.

If you receive an updated information slip after filing your taxes, you can amend the report by sending in a T1 Adjustment Request, which can be found on the CRA’s website.

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