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How long can I expect it to take to receive a refund?

According to the CRA, it usually takes approximately two weeks to process electronically filed returns (using NetFile, EFile, etc.) and around four weeks for paper tax returns filed before April 15. If you wait until after April 15, you can expect to see longer wait times; around 6 weeks. Keep in mind that the CRA will not start processing returns until the middle of February.

You can check the status of your tax return as long as you have your SIN, DOB and Totally Income amount from line 150 of your return. The CRA offers a few different options for this, including their new (as of 2015) mobile app – MyCRA. You can also try phoning the automated Tax Information Phone Service (TIPS), or use the CRA website.

Please note that the CRA has phased out government cheques and replaced them with direct deposits. All tax return refunds will be deposited this way.

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