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What should I do when my basement is flooded?

While it may seem slightly obvious, this is something that can be very easy to forget in a state of panic and confusion. Do NOT walk into your basement unless you are one hundred percent sure that the electricity has been shut off.

This is extremely dangerous and you need to be certain that you will not get shocked before you even think about walking down there! A wet basement is very hazardous and there are many things you should watch out for if you end up in this unfortunate and tragic situation.

Gas leaks can be potentially very perilous. If you smell any gas, make sure you get yourself and your family out of the home as soon as possible and contact a disaster restoration company in your city.

If you determine the power is off and there are no gas leaks, you will likely feel obligated to go investigate. Another very important thing to watch out for when you do this is any sewage or other pollutants. These contain bacteria and can transmit diseases if you are not careful. Wear protective clothing such as rubber gloves, safety glasses and face mask. Make sure to thoroughly wash any exposed skin and disinfect any clothing, as these can hold the bacteria for long periods of time. Keep the area as ventilated as possible, and always keep an eye (or nose) open for any chemicals that may have mixed in with the water. Exposure to cleaning agents and other chemicals that may have entered from flood waters can be very harmful.

One more thing that you should take notice of, is the structural strength of the walls and ceilings after a flood. While this in not entirely common, it is possible and you should make sure your home is still structurally sound before moving forward with repairs and clean up.

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