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What do I do if a pipe bursts?

If your pipe bursts, it can cause a lot of damage very quickly. If you act quickly and act correctly, however, damage will be greatly reduced.

The first thing you need to do is, if possible, try to collect the water with a bucket. If it is pooling in the ceiling, poke a hole in the drywall so it can drain out, and try to catch it in a bucket as well. The next, and arguably most important, thing you need to do, is to shut off the stop tap. This will be located on your hot water tank. It may be difficult to turn, so keep a pair of pliers handy. While you are taking care of these two tasks, be very careful not to touch any electric wires or outlets, unless you are absolutely sure that they were not jeopardized. Turn off the electricity if in doubt.

After you have done what you can, call a plumber. He will be able to fix the pipe quickly and effectively. While you are waiting on him and after he fixes everything, make sure to keep the area well ventilated and leave all windows and doors open. If there are cupboards or closets in the room, be sure that they are open too. If you neglect to let the area air out it will cause more damage, and potentially lead to health problems for you and your family.

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