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What are the common causes of basement flooding?

There are so many reasons for a flood in your basement, and it can happen to any basement, new or old, at any time, even when there is no precipitation.

So when you find yourself asking "How did this happen to me?" There are many possibilities of the cause. Basements are prone to flooding as they are, naturally, the lowest spot in any building.

For dry weather flooding, groundwater and sewage are some of the main causes as both of these levels can, at times, be above the level of your basement floor. A common cause of sewage backing up is a blocked or failed sanitary lateral, which like all other things, will degrade over time. Another common cause is a water supply-line break or hot-water tank failure.

For wet weather flooding, sump pump or weeping tile failure are the two most common causes. Seepage can also occur if the water table rises too high.

Whatever the cause of your basement flooding, it is important that you get a specialist in right away to determine the extent of damage and how to go about fixing it.

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