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How do I know if there is water damage in my house?

If you're worried about water damage in your home there are a few ways to check the extent of the damage.

Whether you're buying or selling a home, or just looking to make sure it is safe and healthy, looking for water damage is something you should do periodically.

Signs of water damage will usually show up in two main areas; the walls and the floors. Water stains are typically easy to spot, and any dark or discolored spots should be taken seriously. Also look for any cracks in the drywall and areas that are unusually swollen or soft to the touch. These are indications that there could be leaky drain or pipe behind the wall, and even if the walls feel dry, the issue should still be looked into. Moisture behind walls can be a serious health problem.

The second area you should be sure to check is the ceilings and floors. The ceilings may start to bulge and sink downwards, coupled with dark stains and a soft, squishy feel. Water damage in your floors can be verified by warped or buckled floor boards or unusual stains in your carpet. If you think that water might have seeped into your floors, you need to have a professional come take a look. Often, the water will sink into the subfloors and joists, and then it turns from a water damage/mold issue into a structural issue that could cost you a lot of money.

The attic and basement also need an inspection every once in a while, as it is very common for water to seep into these areas and go unnoticed.

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