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Does That Answer Your Question?

Do you guarantee your services in writing?

It is essential that a carpet cleaning service guarantees its services in writing. A written contract will ensure they follow through on their guarantees. You don't want them cutting any corners when it comes to cleaning your home or office.

Once you have a written quote, the next most important step is to get a written guarantee.

Not all companies guarantee their work. If you are not happy with something, you should be able to let the company know and have them come back to fix it free of cost.

Does the company offer a 100% guarantee?

Reputable companies will offer the standard 14- to 30- day guarantee. Ask if the company’s guarantee includes a follow-up cleaning at no charge if there are any problems with their work.

Ask your carpet cleaning company these questions:

All your work is guaranteed, right?

Do they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their work?

What sort of guarantee do you offer, and can I have a copy of it in writing?

Do You Guarantee Your Services?

No one wants to pay a lot of money to have their floors cleaned only to have them looking the same when the cleaners leave as they did upon arrival. Ask if they guarantee their services as well as exactly what is covered. If they do guarantee their services, confirm just how much they will do in the event that you are not happy with the quality of the job.

Can you provide references from satisfied clients?

Any seasoned, quality carpet cleaning service should be able to provide references from past clients. Before hiring a service, ask if they can provide contact information for past or current clients who are willing to speak openly about their experiences with the company. If they can, it is highly recommended that you actually call them and hear what they have to say.

Can you show me some customer feedback or  customer testimonials?

Reading customer testimonials lets you know how their customers like their work. A good cleaning company should have many testimonies from customers saying what a great job they did. 

Even if you do not know anyone personally that you can get recommendations from, testimonials allow you to benefit from previous customers' experiences. Find out if they were happy with the cleaning services they received as well as the quality of service that the company provided.

Can you show me references or satisfied customer statements?

Make sure you ask for references or read comments from current customers so you know you can depend on the company’s work.





For more information on customer referrals and testimonials and to see some examples, speak with a Calgary carpet cleaning expert today.