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Do I need to prep my home before carpet cleaning?

Some cleaning companies charge by the hour, while others will charge by the job. Before you hire the cleaning company of your choice and depending on the type of cleaning you want done, be sure to ask if you need to do any prep work (like tidy up), otherwise, you may be charged for their time to do so.

Some companies charge for moving furniture, what sorts of items do you charge to move, and what items are included in your price?

What can I expect the technician to do while he is in my home or business?

You do pre-vacuum? Do you move furniture for free?

What do I Need to Do to Prepare My Home before Your Arrival?

These are all must-ask questions. Many homeowners fail to ask about moving furniture and end up with an invoice billing them for extra hours. Avoid any surprise charges by asking all the right questions before you agree to anything!

All carpet cleaning companies are not the same. Some move all of the furniture for you while others will not touch your floors until everything is out of the way. Ideally, you should remove or completely cover the furniture to protect it from the chemicals used to clean the carpet. Removing furniture whenever it is practical is the best approach to keep the carpet underneath consistent with that on the rest of the floor in case you decide to move the furniture later on.

What kind of prep work do I need to do before the technician arrives?

The most important step, even if your cleaning technician agrees to move furniture, is to move any breakables, valuables and small items. This is important even if the company you choose has insurance and a surety bond, as it is so easy for a worker to accidentally break small trinquets or picture frames. You can avoid lengthy legal processes by moving these valuable items before your cleaning team arrives.

Do they pre-vacuum with a dual-motor commercial vacuum before starting the job?

Will the technician vacuum your carpet thoroughly before proceeding with a deep cleaning? 

All professional cleaners know that this critical first step makes a huge difference in the result, and require that their technicians vacuum before they deep clean the carpet. If you are looking to save money, feel free to ask the company if you can do the vaccuuming for a reduced cost. However, please be aware that some companies will still opt to use their vaccuums and cleaners because they know it works. Residential, house-hold vaccuums just don't tend to pick everything up.

Here are some more good questions to ask:

Do they use a dual-motor commercial vacuum before starting the job?

Do they pre-vacuum every job?

What sort of vacuum do you use, and what type do you recommend for home or business use?





For more information about prep work necessary before you get your carpets cleaned, get in touch with a Calgary carpet cleaning company.