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Does That Answer Your Question?

What kind of tools, technologies and methods do you use?

A legitimate carpet cleaning service will employ the use of a truck-mounted cleaning unit. These units consist of a large tank and an attached hose. The hose is used to suck water, dirt and debris from the carpet and transport it to the tank. Anything less than a truck-mounted unit may be no more effective than a typical vacuum cleaner.

Look for a company with both portable and truck mounted hot water extraction systems so they can provide the service based on the access available for your home.

Truck Mount Carpet System

If you are only interested in removing surface level dirt from your carpet, then any rented machine will do. If you want a deep down clean that removes all the dirt, bacteria, fungus and chemicals, this requires a hot water truck mount unit like we use. This system is the only way to ensure that you are getting a healthy home and carpets. As an analogy, you can brush off your pants and think they are clean or you can wash them in hot water with detergent and you’ll know they are clean. The same is true for your carpet!

You can hire someone who will brush off the surface dirt of your carpeting and make you think it is clean OR if you want the job done right, we will wash your carpets with hot water and detergent using our state-of-the-art cleaning machine and you’ll know they are clean.

Having your carpets thoroughly cleaned with a truck mount hot water system costs more than purchasing a carpet cleaning machine or renting one at the grocery store.

However, the carpet cleaning machine will not get out many of the

* Pollens
* Chemicals
* Bacteria and
* Dust mite residues

Which is more important to you?

* A clean carpet OR
* A clean, healthy carpet

There is a BIG difference!

If all you want is a cheap, rinse the dirt off the top cleaning that you might find for $20.00/room, we respectfully ask that you call a small, unreputable company. But, if you want your carpet to look good and give you years of dependable service, then you need to take extra good care of it. This means you need to have it cleaned by a skilled, qualified technician every 6 months to one year depending on the amount of soiling and foot traffic it receives. Having it cleaned thoroughly and disinfected is something only a truck mount hot water extractor can do. Truck mounted systems simply provide more power for better and deeper cleaning.

This allows us to do a better job of removing:

* Pollutants
* Allergens
* Stains from your carpets


What carpet cleaning method do they use?

There are many methods of cleaning carpets, so it is always a good idea to ask them what process they will follow. 

Most certified companies use a steam cleaner or hot water extraction, which they say is the recommended carpet cleaning method by the majority of carpet manufacturers. Hot water extraction cleaning combined with natural cleaning products is the most common method. Usually, your cleaning technician will pre-spray where there has been heavy traffic and treat stains individually.

A carpet cleaning technician’s experience can play a big role in the quality of work done. We recommend doing research on the carpet cleaning company, including checking consumer reviews.

Choose cleaning teams that have state of the art equipment to ensure a high quality job.

What Cleaning Technologies they Use?

New technology continues to develop to provide efficient tools for cleaning carpets. For example, dry cleaning cleans carpets with no or very low moisture to get carpets clean without saturating the rugs or the floor beneath them. Please note that dry cleaning still involves the use of cleaning agents and you will notive that the technicians still use small amounts of liquids. The name "dry" cleaning is slightly misleading as the only way to clean a carpet without any detergent or liquid is to simply vaccuum.

Do they use a newer truck-mounted hot water extraction system?

Carepet cleaning technicians need to use water with a temperature of at least 240 degrees F. If the water temperature is too low it will not have a sanitizing effect. It is best to select a company that makes use of a newer truck-mount, as the older ones tend not to heat up the water to the correct temperature.

What is the procedure?

After measuring all the areas to be cleaned, your cleaning technician will vacuum and do spot treatment first, then perform the carpet cleaning. The hot, carbonated mineral water is sprayed on the carpet and allowed to set for a few minutes, and then we extract it out using our buffer and pads.

How does hot water extraction carpet cleaning work?

First, high traffic areas and spots are pre-treated with concentrated cleaning products. Then, your cleaning technician will run a state-of-the art, high-powered hot water extraction cleaning system over the entire area. Hot water is injected into the carpet to further loosen up dirt and remove any cleaning solution. Finally a powerful vacuum sucks out all the debris and soil leaving your carpets sanitary, clean and free of residue or odor.

What is the difference between wet and dry carpet cleaning?

Wet carpet cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) is neither harmful nor toxic and is safe for children and pets. This system injects hot water into your carpet at high pressure and a powerful vacuum sucks up the water together with any dirt, cleaning products or other debris leaving no residue behind. Dry cleaning uses powdered chemicals with a small amount of liquid activator to scrub and remove stains.

The chemicals used for dry cleaning tend to be much stronger and more harsh, and so it is recommended that you speak with the cleaning company to get a break down of the products they will use and whether or not you should be out of the house during application.

Are carpets groomed with a carpet rake before leaving?

Grooming your carpet will help restore it to its original nap, leaving it feeling more lush and voluminous. It will also help to lengthen the life of your carpet. This is usually an optional step, but some companies may include this in their general carpet cleaning process. If it is something that you would like done, it is important to ask your cleaning technician before you agree to anything.

Is "scotchgard" type protector applied after cleaning, and is it included in your price?

Without this type of service, you can expect to at least cut five to seven years off of the life of your carpets. In real dollars, that can add up to thousands of dollars in savings or loss for you. Again, some companies may include this in their cleaning process, but most companies will list it as an additional cost. You should spend some time thinking about whether or not you will choose to select this, as it may be very helpful to you in the future.

Knowing the correct carpet cleaning questions to ask can save you a small fortune!

How soon can I be back on my carpets after they have been cleaned?

Usually within 1-2 hours. If you go with a IICRC certified firm you may pay a little more, but with their powerful tools you can expect a much faster dry time. This also means a much smaller chance of molds developing in over-wet carpets.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

While you may be able to walk on your carpet before it is fully dry, it is best not to smother the carpet with furniture while it is still damp. The true dry time depends on a number of factors such as the type and density of your carpet and room temperature. It will usually between two and eight hours. Your cleaning technician should be able to give you a more specific time estimate.

Do I have to be home the whole time while my carpets/upholstery are being cleaned?

What methods of payment are acceptable?
How long does it take to get an appointment?

These are all important questions to ask and usually every company will have different answers. This is why it is crucial to shop around, do your homework and find a carpet cleaning company that best suits your needs.




For more information on the tools, technologies and methods used for carpet cleaning, get in touch with a reputable company that offers Calgary carpet cleaning services.