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How To Create A Symbolic Wedding Bouquet

When it comes to planning that special day, many brides focus on the appearance of different flowers for their wedding bouquet. Of course you want your bridal bouquet to be outstandingly beautiful, but it’s also important to choose flowers that reflect your love and life with your partner. And yes, it is entirely possible to create a bouquet that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also symbolic of your relationship and the longevity and devotion that come with it.

If you’re having a hard time selecting flowers that convey the love that you feel for your partner, take a look at our list below. We’ve compiled 6 flower types that are perfect for weddings, and they can all be combined with other flowers to create a bouquet that will stand out at both the wedding and in your memory.


Roses are a traditional wedding flower, and for many good reasons. They are quite obviously a beautiful choice for wedding bouquets and their meaning is even more fitting. White roses are associated with virtue, innocence and purity, while red roses are symbolic of love and passion.


These hearty flowers are available in a wide range of colors and styles and have been carefully cultivated and refined over many years. Their heartiness has lead to represent longevity, strength, and truth, while their unique colors and shapes convey a youthful joyfulness. These flowers go well on their own or in a mixed bouquet, making them a great choice for bridal bouquets.

Calla Lilly

These cone-shaped beauties have been a wedding bouquet favorite for a long time. They have come to represent innocence, youth and purity, making them a great selection for a bridal bouquet. They have also been depicted as symbolic of the Virgin Mary and are sometimes associated with Heaven, giving them a religious connotation that is often a welcome factor of these unique flowers.


Tulips have been cultivated around the world by many dedicated florists who have found a deep love for these cup-shaped blossoms. While many flowers have different meanings for different cultures, almost every culture around the world agrees on that tulips are a symbol of perfect or true love. With a long history of representing love in it’s truest form, they are a perfect selection for your bridal bouquet.


The profuse citrus scent that accompanies this dainty bloom has made it a favorite for bouquet additions, as only a few are needed to add a lovely fragrance. Aside from their smell and beauty, these blossoms are universally known to represent innocence, friendship and sweetness.


These versatile flowers come in a wide range of varieties, available in almost every colour of the rainbow and even with stripes as well. Even with many different meanings from around the world, carnations are always associated with a positive meaning, and many cultures agree that it is a perfect representation of pure love and good luck.

As you may have noticed reading through this guide, innocence is a common theme for wedding flowers. This is because love is seen as the purest and most natural experience anyone can have, it’s a feeling that we have all enjoyed since we were babies and will continue to enjoy until we reach old-age. Love is universally understood and is often not something that we can control, leading to a strong association with innocence and purity.

Many brides choose to combine multiple types of flowers in their bouquet to represent their love and life with their partner, and you may even choose to select a specific type of flower for your bridesmaids bouquets.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to creating a symbolic bridal bouquet, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our skilled Calgary florists.