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How to choose a bridal bouquet?

It is highly recommended to choose your wedding dress before you plan your bouquet. Once you have the dress figured out, you can decide on the color, which should match the rest of the ceremony's theme colors.

Pink and white are the most traditional and commonly chosen colors, but depending on the season that you are having the wedding, autumn colors such as reds, oranges and yellows can make for a very special and warm atmosphere. Similarily, if you have the wedding in spring, mixing in greens, blues and purples will help to brighten the ceremony and the pop of color will add to the positive feel of the day.

While many women opt for a pure white or pale pink bouquet made up of only roses or peonies, many prefer to have an assortment of colors and types. Some of the more traditional bouquets include roses and peonies (of course), hydrangeas, ranunculous, and tulips, and are sometimes filled with baby's breath and sweet peas. Lillies, poppies, and narcissi are also popular for the bridal bouquet. And, though uncommon for the bride, calla lillies, with their intricate cone shape, make for beautiful bridesmaids bouquets.





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