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Are there any flowers I should not give on Valentine's day?

While it has always been thought that flowers are a universal way of saying "I care about you," there are actually a few types of flowers that should never be given to that special person on this special day. So, if you want to take the unique route instead of the traditional dozen roses, here are some guidelines.

The basil flower is usually interpreted to mean "I hate you," due to the fact that they are an inconvenience to gardeners and shorten the life span of the basil plant. The achillea represents war and cherry blossoms, though extremely beauitful, are actually a symbol of lost hope, due to their very short blossom time. The columbine flower can also be negatively interpreted to mean the "fool," and so should not be given to one whom you admire! And, while it should go without saying, black roses (unless your valentine happens to be into them), or a wilting bouquet is worse than no gift at all.




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