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How to pick the right boutonierre and corsage?

One of the most traditional parts of prom, the boutonierre and corsage are an important part of yours and your date's outfit. Once you have decided whether you will wear it on the wrist or chest, the next most important step is to decide the color. It should either match or contrast your dress color, for example a white stephanotis with a white dress or a green orchid for a purple dress, but don't get a blue flower for a pink dress. If you have a simple dress, feel free to choose a colorful and intricate design. (If you are purchasing a corsage for your date and have not yet seen her dress, white is the go-to color as it will compliment any dress).

Once you have chosen a color you can start looking at flowers. Orchids, roses, delphiniums, white stephanotis' and lillies are all traditional flowers used in corsages and boutonierres, but there are no limits to the types you can use. Stick to your budget and find what makes you most happy!





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