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Get a Bang for your Buck with a Google Adwords Campaign

Get a Bang for your Buck with a Google Adwords Campaign

The Importance of Adwords Campaigns to Small Businesses

Marketing Your Small Business

A good marketing plan is more important now than ever in Alberta.

You own a business in one of the worst economic depressions in the province. You have managed to line up your paperwork and process, and perfect the service or product you sell. The only task left is to show people what you have to offer. A new website that includes on-site search engine optimization, social media marketing and promotional events are just a few ways small businesses can increase traffic to their storefront. Aside from these tactics, Google Adwords should be a key component to every business’s marketing campaign.


4 Benefits of a Google Adwords Campaign: 

1.       Adwords targets specific keywords, so you can narrow your efforts to suit buyers your market.

2.       Measure your campaign through the clicks each add generates. It’s easy to see what’s working and not working for your company.

3.       Adwords is affordable. You decide how much you put into each keyword campaign. There are no upfront and minimum fees attached to your campaign, and you can quit at any time.

4.       Your Adwords campaign runs immediately after processing. There is no wait time to attract buyers!


It’s 2016, so everyone knows that a bad Google Adwords campaign can put a huge dent in your wallet. Small business owners and start-ups don’t have as much to spend on Google marketing as big box companies. Get a bang for your buck--and a higher return on investment--with these Adwords tips:

1.      Complete a keyword analysis to see what your target market is searching for.

2.      Use the highest searched keywords in your Adwords campaign, with the lowest possible competiton.

3.      Create 2-3 attractive advertisements to test out different messages.

4.      Set up conversion tracking on your Adwords accounts to accurately measure your return on investment.

5.      Set your match type to exact for more concise tracking.

6.      Manually bid for each Adwords campaign, and always bid less than half of Google’s suggested amount.

7.       Delete keywords that have no benefit after a few days.


 Do you need help with your Google Adwords campaign? We know a local business that can help!